3d printed products to improve your life

What we do

Prosthetic covers

Durable and light-weighted covers designed for each particular patient needs. Customized from us for you, according your own taste.


3D printed Orthotic Insoles are the most efficient way to put feet back into natural alignment. Really comfortable and the best way to absorb shock when walking


Extremely light-weighted and accurate 3D Printed Prosthesis come to fulfill your demands and improve your prosthetic experience.


A large amount of designs and shapes to fit to every patient. Better fitting, looking and steadiness than original cast.

About Us

We believe in breaking barriers to improve quality of life

We want to bring science and people together with innovative solutions.

In Orthofy we believe that a physical disability should not be a cause for shame or exclusion.
We want to provide lifestyle products that are functional and artistic for prosthetic wearers. To do this, we use innovative, ground breaking technology, like 3D printing to enable prosthetic technicians and physical therapist to improve efficiency.
To do all that we provide better fitting, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing prosthetic parts and covers.
We use cost-efficient manufacturing technologies to improve precision, efficiency, and accuracy in prosthetic design and use (Disruptive technology)
An finally we provide customization design options for customers tailored to their tastes and interests.

  • Better Fitting
  • Highly Functional
  • Customizable
  • Cost Effective

The Team

We come from different backgrounds, but we came together to bring technology to you.
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Orthopedic Expert
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Business Devepeloper
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Web design/ programmer
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Market Analisys / 3D Printing

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